The Georgian-German TVET Days

Tbilisi, Georgia
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Mikheil Batiashvili
Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia
H. E. Hubert Knirsch
German Ambassador to Georgia
Mamuka Bakhtadze
Prime Minister of Georgia

When: 15 and 16 June 2019

Where: Tbilisi @ 1 Republic Square & Republic Event Space

Visit the Georgian-German TVET Days – the biggest vocational education event in Georgia to date.

You will experience first-hand how creative and unique vocational education can be, together with thousands of visitors and participants from across the country and abroad, including experts, entrepreneurs, business professionals, government officials, students and parents.

The event celebrates the long-standing, fruitful cooperation between Georgia and Germany in modernising Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in Georgia. The Georgian-German TVET Days are jointly hosted by the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia, and the German Embassy. The activities will take place in the scope of a full-day public event (15 June) and two conferences (15 and 16 June).

Public Event

The public event TVET Market Place and Fair will bring the potential of TVET to revamp employment, economic development and public-private partnerships in dual TVET closer to the public. Visitor are invited to stroll through dozens of thematic Info Zones and learn about Georgian-German partnerships in TVET, the captivating success stories and the career opportunities that TVET can unlock. Young people, companies, TVET service providers and anyone interested in vocational education are welcome to join and explore the engaging, information landscape. Throughout the day massive concerts by Elis Band and Helen Kalandadze and a DJ party will give us the excuse to enjoy Tbilisi’s summer weather and celebrate the advance of modern TVET in Georgia.

Expert to Expert Talks

On 15 June, the Expert to Expert talks will kickstart the exchange, providing a platform for rich, technical insights and analyses of the latest, global TVET trends as well as the approaches to streamlining TVET reform in the country. We are pleased to welcome many experts from private and public sector, as well as internationally renowned TVET professors. More than 20 contributors from Germany will be be joined by many more Georgian representatives. The diverse and exciting topics include digitalisation, international recognition of qualifications, quality assurance, public-private cooperation. The rich international experiences, current global trends and the achievements of the German-Georgian partnership in the sector will provide fuel for creativity to spark.

Skills4Georgia Talks

On 16 June, the conference will continue with the Skills4Georgia talks – an engaging, open-space forum on the future of TVET in Georgia. Renowned Georgian experts, business leaders, educators, and officials will deliver short, creative pitches on key TVET Topics. After each energising pitch, participants can take a deep dive into a discussion how to deliver attractive career pathways in modern TVET to Georgia’s youth.

Below you'll find the schedule for Skills4Georgia - The Georgian-German TVET Days.

12:00 24:00

Public Event

14:00 17:30

Elis Band


Official Opening of Public Event


Official Ceremony


Helen Kalandadze

21:30 24:00

DJ Party


Official Opening

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11:30 14:00

Expert to Expert Talks, Session 1

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16:00 17:30

Expert to Expert Talks, Session 2

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11:00 15:00

Skills4Georgia Talks

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1 Republic Square & Republic Event Space

The 1 Republic Square is right in the heart of Georgia’s capital. It will serve as the main location for Skills4Georgia - The Georgian-German TVET Days.
The Republic Event Space is located directly on the square and will serve as an event centre for the conference formats.