Tbilisi State University

About Anastasia Kitiashvili

Anastasia Kitiashvili  has a PHD in Applied Social Psychology and Social research from the University of Edinburgh.  She is a professor at Tbilisi State University.

Anastasia has  about 15 years’ experience in  Education, evaluation  & research  and about  12 years in VET.  At different times, Anastasia Kitiashvili  worked on  various research and consultancy assignments with non-profit, for-profit, and international organisations to examine, amongst other issues, higher and  vocational education in the South Caucasus, post-soviet countries and Europe; evidence based  educational and social policy development, Quality assurance,  social partnership and  public-private partnerships; Life–long learning and adult education,  labour market policy, systems  and programs  in Georgia and Post-soviet countries.

Anastasia has a solid experience  of working  on different social issues and with vulnerable groups such as IDPs, ethnic minorities, NEETs, migrants.