Founder of Community College Panacea, Pediatrician

About Dr. Maia Chikhladze

Maia Chikhladze is pediatrician, doctor of medicine, founder of the Community College Panacea. She has 25 years of experience in vocational education and is actively involved in all reforms in this field over the years. She  has been participating in various national and international TVET Projects.

Mrs. Chikhladze is founder of Association of Private Colleges of Georgia and has run the Association in 2014-2015. She was a member of the Authorization Board of Vocational Education Institutions in 2013-2017.

Currently, Mrs. Chikhladze is a member of the National VET council, National Council for Nursing Development and Trilateral Commission  for social partnership and employers assoication Board . In Addition to this, she is Vice-President of the Association of Private Colleges.