Manager of the State Programme for vocational techears and principals professional development
National Centre for Teachers Professional Development (TPDC)

Nino Elbakideze is manager of the state program for vocational teachers and principals professional development at the National centre for teachers professional Development (TPDC). Since 2011, she is supervising the existing professional development trainings for vocational techaers and other variuos activities.

Nino Elbakidze studied in Germany. She holds a Master Degree in Education Sciences from the Heidelberg University. In Addition to this, Nino completed the International Leadership Program “Master Trainer in TVET” at the Otto von Güricke University Magdeburg. She has been working as teacher in Germany. Upon return in Georgia, Nino has been working aon various policy documents concerning general and vocational education, such as Standard for teachers in general education and Code of conduct, Standard for principals and vocational teachers and code of conduct.

Nino Elbakidze is editor of various publications for teachers and principals. She has conducted several researchs regarding training needs of teachers. She organized a number of national and international conferences in Georgia. Nino has longstanding experience of working as a consultant for local and international organizations.